Imagine you have moved into a new apartment, and deposited a high amount as a security fee but have received half of it when you shift your place. Heartbreaking right? Similarly, if you are a landlord who returned the entire security deposit to your former tenant, but later realized the mistake when you had to incur significant expenses to repair your thoroughly damaged property caused by the tenants.. The two situations are equally panic for both tenants and landlords.
If you are one, you never want to become trapped in them. So, how can you avoid such troubles? Through a carefully signed move-in checklist. 

Both renters and tenants must sign the Move-In Checklist, a document required whenever a shift to a new location takes place.

What is a Move-In Checklist?

This document provides a convenient way for both tenants, and landlords a way to keep a good track of the rental property’s condition. It gives a deep insight into the status of all rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, furniture, plumbing system, heating system, cooling system, garden, porch, and garage. 

Why Move-In Checklist Important?

It presents a fair play between the two stakeholders and saves them from any disagreement/conflict in the future.

For Landlords:

The document provides great helping hands for the property owners. It gives the existing state of affairs to them. It documents the awareness about the damage caused by the rentals other than the regular wear, and tear. It will help to hold the rentals accountable for the indemnity caused by them. You can easily deduct a calculated amount from the security. It gives a legal backup to the landlords so that they can file a legal suit against the rentals who have caused the harm.

For Tenants:

It is evenly beneficial for both rentals, as it offers the present condition of their new residence. A complete picture of every nook and corner of the rented estate is presented to them. So, that they can demand any repairs, and will enjoy a well-maintained, good-conditioned, and deeply cleaned residence to live in. Not only this, but they can also obtain legal support in case of any dispute with the owner. As it serves as preserved written evidence. Hence documenting the preexisting harm reduces the likelihood of any disturbances in the future. It also offers an opportunity to get to know about the damaged parts of the house. Through this document, the rentals would be able to secure their amount paid as a security fee.

How the Move-In Checklist is Managed?

Soon after the completion of a thorough inspection of the rental property, the written part of the document should be signed by both parties. Before signing it make sure that you have read it carefully. A copy of the signed file should be with both tenant and the landlord. Attaching one copy with the lease agreement and keeping it there until your tenant moves out of the estate would be a wise approach.

Point to be Noted: 

Specify the responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord in the lease agreement to ensure being in a safe zone. Moreover, it would help the property administration of your rental unit which would receive less wear and tear.

What is the Move-Out Checklist?

This document gives instructions for the tenants when they are about to shift from their earlier residence. It outlines the tasks that tenants need to complete before their move out.

How is it Looks like?

There are no general terms for composing the checklist. Since it defines the existing conditions which are different for each property, thus every landlord documents a specific checklist according to suitability. It enlists the terms which the rentals are supposed to fulfill when they are about to move out. Following these instructions, and sticking to the terms minimizes the probability of emerging issues in the future. Both subjects will get peace of mind, and it ensures a friendly departure of rentals while guaranteeing the full security amount in their accounts. In the same manner, the landlord would not have to bear the cost of extra expense for the intentional, or accidental injuries caused by rentals

Template for Move-In Checklist

  • Kindly schedule your inspection 1 week before your move-out.
  • You must thoroughly clean the house before moving out.
  • Clean kitchens and all bathrooms cautiously.
  • Maintain the paint on the walls in the same condition as it was during the check-in.
  •  Do not leave any trash residue at any corner.
  • All the kitchen appliances must be working properly, and should not retain any stain.
  • Properly manage and clean all the window glasses and frames.
  • All the furniture, and light fixtures, and bulb lights should work properly.
  • The plumbing system must not show any blockage or leakage.
  • All the heating, and cooling systems should work efficiently.
  • All the alarms should be working properly. 
  • All sinks, tubs, and tiles should not bear any hard water stain.
  • Inform the landlord about the issues or other damages inside the rental property.
  • Fulfill all the above-mentioned items before the move-out inspection to ensure that you receive the full amount of your security deposit.

Therefore, prioritize the repairing, repainting, and trash removal. Above all deep cleaning is mandatory. You need not risk your security amount, so it is suggested to hire professional cleaning services. Test out Global Cleaning Company to assure perfect End of Tenancy Cleaning.