The End of Tenancy Cleaning offers by our Company facilitate both tenants and rentals. We promise a thorough and detailed checklist to bring carefree departures for rentals. We ensure complete recovery of the security amount. The landlords also get the advantage of a deep cleaning from our servicemen.

The Cleaning Checklist provides details of all the cleaning activities performed in every corner of the house including from the washroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, the high traffic zones of carpets and the outdoors of the house including Patios, paths, and Driveways.

In the Tenancy Cleaning Service, we emphasize which areas?

  1. Kitchen: The crucial space of the whole house, which is frequently used and retains many stains and dirt, is.
  2. Drawing Room: It welcomes all types of Guests into your house, thus proper maintenance and cleaning are mandatory.
  3. Living Room: It is a common sitting place that bears a lot of dust and debris.
  4. Garden: It satisfies aesthetic sense and is mostly, the first place to come in contact before entering the house, hence, its management is a crucial need.
  5. Bath Room: It is the most used corner of the house. Its cleanliness directly links to the health of the inhabitants. It demands high administration and neatness.
  6. Accessory Appliances: Domestic Utensils include a Washing Machine, Oven, Toaster, Tumble Dryer, and Dishwasher. Their performance and functioning depend upon their proper regulation.
  7. Fittings and Fixtures: A house is incomplete without sockets, handles, lights, switches, and upholstery items. So, their organization and cleanliness have prior importance.


In case of hygiene, people assume the kitchen to be the central point of a house. Thus, it gets the focus and attention of your landlord during an inspection.

Our services include:

  • A thorough examination of all shelves, cupboards, sink areas, drawers, and removal of leftovers.
  • Use Detergents, Sprays, vacuum cleaners, and soft brushes to remove dust, dirt, and stains.
  • Clean and Polish drawers, shelves, and sink areas.
  • Degrease the tiles, sink, frames, ledges, and kitchen countertops.
  • Clean interior and exterior all kitchen items including toaster, Microwave oven, kettle, dishwasher, and many more.
  • Polish and deeply clean the sink tapes, woodwork, fans, and filters.
  • Deep Clean top, bottom, inside, and outside of Deep Freezer or Refrigerator.
  • Polishing and Cleaning of Plugs and Switches.
  • Degreasing and Shining the Wall Tiles.
  • Complete Wiping of Lime Scale from all surfaces.
  • Remove dust, grease, and stains from windows both inside and outwards.
  • A Satisfying mopping and polishing of the floor.


The bedroom catches attention when it comes to coziness. It gets a pivotal position of examination at the end of a tenancy.

  • Complete and detailed wiping and brooming of the floor and cornices.
  • Removal and dismissal of Cobwebs.
  • Dust and vacuum all sides of curtains and bindings.
  • Floor mobbing with detergents.
  • Proper polishing and cleaning of wardrobes, mirrors, and picture frames.
  • Remove the dirty marks and refinement from wooden and metal surfaces.
  • Scanning and polishing of lampshells and light fittings.
  • Vacuum and deep clean the mattress.
  • Skilled Cleaning of extension cords and power sockets.
  • Dust the shelves, door tops, and cupboards.
  • Paint the wall scratches. 
  • Proper deep cleaning and vacuum of upholstery. 
  • Careful polishing of window sills and ledges.

How is the thorough cleaning of the washroom at the end of tenancy carried out?

The cleaning of the Washroom at the End of the Tenancy Contract has paramount importance. With the help of dispensers, detergents, soaps, scrubbers, etc., we remove all types of bath marks, mildew, stained toilet, limescale, and mold

Our washroom checklist encompasses:

  • Mob the floor.
  • Rub the wall and floor tiles.
  • Descale the taps and outlaw the bath marks of the bathtub.
  • Remove the mold stains from the shower screen.
  • Destain and disinfect the toilet and plumping at the back.
  • Complete removal of limescale. 
  • Clean all the drains.
  • Proper polishing of mirrors and all glass surfaces.
  • Furnish the towel rails and radiators.
  • Scrubbing and shinning the extractor fans.
  • Wipe the skirting boards.
  • Screen and sanitize the Shower Cabin.
  • Clean the light switches and plugs.
  • Deep Clean and wash the Sink area and all taps.


Our team manages and cleans the living room with the help of a vacuum cleaner, spray bottles, detergents, soft brushes, and other items.

  • Wipe out the cobweb from ceilings and corners.
  • Vacuum and furnish the furniture.
  • Mob the floor and sanitize it properly.
  • Dust the lampshades and light fittings.
  • Remove the dirt marks from the walls.
  • Wipe out the scratches and paint the hard stained lines.
  • We properly vacuum the upholsterings.
  • We clean and polish the wardrobes.
  • We refine mirrors and picture frames.
  • Dust the skirting boards.
  • We thoroughly dust and vacuum the curtains.
  • We clean and refine the ledges, sills, and windows.
  • We clean and refine the ledges, sills, and windows.
  • We properly dust and polish the furniture.

How do they clean the garden and outdoors at tenancy end?

Our expert team cleans the driveways and removes debris, but the outdoors are mostly neglected during the cleaning campaign.

  • The pathways are broomed properly.
  • The patios are cleaned and administered.
  • Proper trimming of plants and grass.
  • The vegetation is made lean.
  • All the accumulated debris is disposed of.
  • Clean the gardening tools.
  • Water the plants.

How do we perform appliance cleaning?

The domestic appliances are helping hands to carry out numerous household chores. Thus, their cleanliness and maintenance catch the attention of the landlord at the termination of a contract.


 Remove the residue and buildup followed by disposal of dirt and leftover hair. A complete cleaning process from all sides, inward and outward to ensure luster and efficiency.


To present you with an efficient appliance, we use scrubbers to destain after removing all types of small and big bread chunks.


First, we perform a thorough cleanup of all fibers and all types of debris. Then, we conduct an examination to check for small damages.


Hence, Our Tenancy Cleaning Services are meant to provide you with a better cleaning contract. We make it certain to perform a complete cleaning service for rentals at the end of their Cleaning Agreement. So, we thoroughly address and clean every corner of the house to give you peace of mind regarding the return of your security deposit.