What if you enter a house without rugs, will you get impressed by the interior decoration setting? A great No is expected. Rugs complete the décor of your official or residence setup, they add natural beauty to your interior pattern, when it comes to Jute rugs then a classic touch is included in your setup. With its fascinating natural qualities, jute is the most in-demand item next to cotton in the world, jute rugs are not only easily affordable but present a luxurious outlook. However, their cleanliness demands utmost care with timely addressing the dirt otherwise there is a high risk of losing the durability, flexibility, and charm of your precious jute rugs. All of your floor coverings including a variety of carpets need special cleaning treatment to present your home with a refreshed outlook.
Since jute rugs assume to be delicate and possess rapid absorbing capacity, thus special care is needed during their cleaning process. Here are some suggested ways to bring ease to your cleaning process while maintaining the beauty and quality of your special jute rug.

Why the Cleanliness of Jute Rugs is Difficult?

  • The delicate plant fibers of the rug are prone to sustain the odor then any other fiber material in the world.
  • The fibers carry the capacity of holding maximum water thus it becomes almost impossible to completely dries them once they get wet.
  • The excess water could cause damage to the internal bonding of fibers. 
  • Rubbing or Scrubbing could damage the delicate fibers resulting in a reduction in luster and durability.
  • They fastly sustain spills, and spots than any other material.

How to Perform Deep Cleaning of Jute Rugs?

The ultimate delicacy and high absorption capabilities of the rugs demand utmost care while handling the cleaning process. It is not suggested to clean the rugs using excess water or perform the entire cleaning of the rug but deal with the spills individually.

The Required Tools in Cleaning of Jute Rugs, You make the task easy for you by choosing appropriate tools, which ease your cleaning effort of any liquid or solid waste, some are as follows:

  • A gentle Brush
  • A mild Cleaning Agent
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • A high absorbing cloth or towel
  • Extraction Cleaning Stuff
  • A small hand fan for Drying

Eliminate Spills from Jute Rugs

As rugs are mostly placed in busy areas, so there is no wonder that they catch frequent stains through spills. When your item gets soaked with spills from tea or coffee don’t let it get dried rather take quick action to remove it. 

The following steps may facilitate your stain removing process:

  • Don’t rush to remove the spill using excess water and strong detergent, it might deteriorate the rug rather giving a neat look. You need to press the affected region with a towel or other high-absorbing cloth in an inwards direction, it will lessen the risk of spill spreading.
  • Avoid scrubbing the place as it may weaken the internal fiber bindings which ultimately break down and cause your rug to be looked old and might create an entire rapture. Thus, the bolting process is recommended instead of rubbing, continue the process to squeeze out all the moisture.
  • For the removal of solid stains, first, scrape up the undesired material with the help of a nail file or use other accessory items for easy lifting. After that continue with the bolting step.
  • Use Club Soda for the elimination of dark spills like wine or any sauce, take a neat cloth preferably a white one now sprinkle the soda over the ruin followed by hard dabbing.
  • If the said process does not succeed in removing the stain then a mild detergent should be applied on the spot then gently dump it.

Removal of Spots Through Dry Cleaning Powder

As excess water could cause potential harm to the rug, thus a safe zone is the application of dry cleaning powder on a limited spill area.

The following steps help you in the process:

  • Cover the stain with the dry cleaning powder completely, leave for a while.
  • Now, gently brush the affected area in all directions.
  • After, brushing again apply the cleaner to the region and leave for a definite period until the cleaner dries up.
  • When the color of the carpet cleaner changes to pale golden, vacuum the area thoroughly.

How to Remove Pet Dirt from Jute Rug?

Since pets are our family members without them our home is incomplete. The furry buddies usually create mess over the rug which becomes difficult to handle.
Here are some ways to manage the cleaning of the pet waste

How to Treat Urine?

If it happens don’t let it get dried or penetrated deeply down the fibers. At first, firmly blot the region without switching to a rough scrub with the help of a clean absorbing cloth. The direction of blotting should be inward to eliminate the risk of spreading. To remove the order apply a diluted solution of white vinegar followed by the damping process with a soft towel, you can also sprinkle baking soda if the odor sustains. If your carpet has effected by an oil stain, before initiating the above process you need to sprinkle cornstarch over the waste, and vacuumed it out.

How to Remove Vomit or Feces?

Use a butter knife to take away the solid waste, followed by blotting from outwards towards. It is better to apply a mild detergent with less application of water to ensure complete removal of stain and odor. End the process with gentle damping with a clean towel.

How to Deeply Clean the Border Region of a Jute Rug?

Mostly, jute rugs are bordered with linen, woven cotton, or canvas stuff, which are intricately bound with the jute fibers. It is admissible to vacuum the edges of rugs at intervals. However, a conscious direction of vacuuming should be applied. It is recommended to adopt the direction along with the sewn binding, special care is needed to not let the vacuum sitting on the corner, it would either cause up folding or may weaken the internal contact with the fibers. Avoid using a beater bar in the vacuuming.

How to Adopt Regular Maintenance of a Jute Rug?

Spread them on Dry places: Jute rugs are hydrophobic, they don’t like water thus they should be kept away from humid regions like bathrooms and kitchen, which might cause the growth of mildews and molds.

Regular Vacuuming:

It is suggested to perform the vacuuming process at least once a week, the high traffic rugs should be vacuumed twice or thrice, it would not permit the building up of dust, debris, and dirt. Never make a mistake using the rough beater brush rather switch to a suction attachment.

Rapid Cleanup of Solid Spills:

To avoid order and deep penetration, they should be removed on the spot. At first, the solid part should be discarded followed by the stain cleaning steps as mentioned above.
Avoid Entire Cleaning of the Rug: It is preferable to treat the stains individually rather than perform an entire soaking of the rug in water. A careful tight squeezing of the spill mechanism to treat a wet spill is permissible.
Never Rub your Rug: Rubbing or scrubbing may cause the fibers to break down resulting in rapid degradation of your material. Thus always apply more gentle processes to get rid of the stain.

Beneficial Tips for the Rug Cleaning:

Use a jute Sealer or a Fabric Protector

It will reduce the high absorbency capacity of the plant fibers, result in shielding from stains. It would also facilitate you to easily clean up any spill without putting much effort in the form of tight blotting or damping.

Steam Cleaning the Rug using a Hairdryer

After cleaning the spill with water, it is a good idea to use a hairdryer as a tool for steam cleaning. It will make the fast drying out of the damp region. However, the fibers are sensitive to heat, so avoid the prolonged and frequent use of this method.

Use a Vinegar solution instead of Pure Water

Pure water reduces the flexibility of fibers thus mix it with vinegar preferably white vinegar in an equal ratio, use this mixture for stain removal using a gentle brush for the durability of your item.

Use Club Soda to Remove the Acidic Spills

Replace the water with club soda as a cleaning agent in case of acidic stains, you need to immediately apply the soda on the stain before it dries up followed by a quick drying process most probably with a hairdryer. It will neutralize the discoloration due to acidic liquids.

Amend the Curled Border with weight 

If you notice the curling up of the border of your rug especially the corners due to high foot traffic or shuffling, then simply dampen the affected place and keep a definite weight on it overnight.

Final Say

Jute rugs support the furnishings of your home due to their long-lasting quality, natural color, delicacy, and affordability it is given preference over other rugs. S, Although they provide a magnificent appeal to your setting they are the most complicated items when it comes to their cleaning as the sole cleaning agent, water, causes a reduction in their durability. The blog provides insight into the cleaning complexities of your precious rugs, for bringing ease in your cleaning effort, it is a wise approach to get help from professionals, you may hire Global Cleaning Experts to guarantee the reflective neatness of your rugs without the fear of damage.